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Security Risk Management


Obtain the expertise and efficiency needed to reduce security risks and improve business requirements.

What is Security Risk Management?

Remaining HIPAA compliant means that anyone who handles protected health information needs to identify and fix weak links in their organization’s information security programs. Security testing and assessments provide organizations with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency needed to conduct thorough security and risk evaluations of their environment. Security risk management aims to reduce outstanding security and risk issues in addition to identifying and pre-empting problem areas of business operations. With a series of security audits and reviews, we feel that any organization will be able to understand and mitigate their risks, and improve their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Here’s How Conduro Helps:

Proper risk management lowers the chances of a damaging information security incident. Conduro will help you understand any risks to your network, and what you need to do to avoid a breach. Our risk assessments give you visibility and confidence to make better business decisions so you only spend on security where it’s needed. 

  • Review Existing Security
  • Threat Evaluation, Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation
  • Operations Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Security Audits
  • Security Investigation

We help you understand and manage risk so you can be confident that you have taken due care and diligently exercised risk management in accordance with your business requirements.


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