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HIPAA Training


Eliminate the risk of privacy and security breaches by training your staff to be HIPAA compliant.   

Do I need HIPAA training?

Human error is the number one cause of HIPAA breaches inside healthcare organizations, largely because staff hasn’t been trained on HIPAA privacy and security processes and requirements. Attacks against computer systems are increasing in frequency and sophistication. In order to effectively defend data and intellectual property, healthcare organizations must rapidly detect and respond to threats. Regular training provides a mechanism to keep employees security aware, and also teaches staff how to prevent and respond to possible cyber-attacks.

Why use Conduro?

We have developed a training methodology that is audit tested and approved. We provide several different types of training that address HIPAA privacy and security regulations. 

HIPAA Training

This training applies to any organization or person who works in or with the healthcare industry, or has access to protected health information (PHI). Training can be customized for Covered Entities and Business Associates. Privacy and Security training are required under HIPAA.

Security Awareness

We put in place a formal process for educating employees about physical and cyber security. Our program educates and tests employees on the policies and procedures for working with healthcare information technology (IT). 

Incident Response

This essential program trains employees how to respond when a system or data breach has been discovered, or if they have caused a breach. We cover how to report the breach, what procedures to follow, and who in the organization needs to be notified Every state treats personal identifiable, or protected health information different, and each have different timelines to report a breach.


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